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#BOMSummer DAY 31, “Know, Incorporate, Share”

31 Jul

The Book of Mormon was prepared by divine assignment for the blessing and enlightenment of all those who receive it… it is not sufficient that we should treasure the Book of Mormon, nor that we testify that it is of God. We must… READ MORE!

#BOMSummer DAY 30, “A Wonder World of Complexity and Beauty”

30 Jul

Theology and beauty combine, again and again, in the pages provided through Joseph, as when the resurrected Christ appeared in the Western Hemisphere… READ MORE!

#BOMSummer DAY 29, “A Profound Effect”

29 Jul

To those who may not be familiar with the Book of Mormon but are sincerely seeking truth, reading it will have a profound effect on your life. READ MORE!

#BOMSummer DAY 28, “Seriously and Carefully”

28 Jul

Have you seriously and carefully read the Book of Mormon? READ MORE!

#BOMSummer DAY 27, “A Miracle Among Us”

28 Jul

The Book of Mormon has been a MIRACLE in my life. Here is what President Hinckley had to say about it being a miracle… READ MORE!

#BOMSummer DAY 26, “A Personal Urim and Thummim”

26 Jul

It is not sufficient that the Book of Mormon be [just physically] in our homes; its principles must be captured in our minds and hearts. Through consistent reading, prayerful pondering, and conscientious application, its teachings… READ MORE!

#BOMSummer DAY 25, “Answers to Real-life Problems”

25 Jul

Needs help? The Book of Mormon is ready with answers… READ MORE!

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